“Girl Power” (3/3 in series)

ANNALIESE NOCK: Circus Girl on TV!

Born in Sarasota, Florida on March 15, 1996, Annaliese is an 8th generation circus performer. Her father is the infamous, daredevil comic, Bello Nock. Annaliese epitomizes “girl power” in her venturing out as a female daredevil! Over 11 million TV viewers watched this American beauty perform her exploding coffin act on America’s Got Talent. (Stay tuned for the date of this finalist’s next act on AGT.) Annaliese holds the Guinness World Record for the most somersaults on a Wheel of Death in one minute.

C.K.: What circus acts do you perform?

Annaliese: I perform Wheel of Death, Swaypoles, Highwire, Aerial Lyra and Net, Magic & Illusions, and Daredevil stunts of all kinds.

C.K.: When afraid, or seriously challenged, what gets you through it? What do you tell yourself?

Annaliese: When overcoming fears or challenges, I think one’s mindset is everything! My father always taught me the importance of respecting danger and challenges, but to not let it rule over you. As a firm believer in a God, who deeply cares for me, I set my mind on that and rest. I often quote scriptures to myself or in my head like, 2 Timothy 1:7, Phillippians 4:13, and Psalms 91:11.

C.K.: Behind the glamour, sparkle, and your fabulous red lipstick—LOL—what have you had to push past to be where you are today? 

Annaliese: Although I come from a long line of performing daredevil/acrobats, I have never fit the mold. Whether it was because of my figure, or the fact that I’m a girl, and “girls just don’t do those types of acts”, I’ve to push through bias. Everyday. I’ve had to prove to myself and others—greatness come in all shapes, sizes, and genders.

C.K.: How does life differ for a circus performer regarding social life, romance and family and children?

Annaliese: “Circus life” is like no other. It is the most intimate, yet distant life style. To me, it’s a mystery. How can this circus world be so tight knit, yet always unfamiliar and on-the-go? That is the magic of circus. For me, there’s nothing that this circus life takes away, that it doesn’t, in some way, give back ten-fold! Circus life? It’s a blessing.

Annaliese is the 2018 Daredevil Angel of circus!