Author: C. K. Mallick

C.K.’s eclectic past and present greatly affects her fiction and non-fiction writing. She’s worked over twenty years in the dance/entertainment field and in the cosmetics industry. Her volunteer work include stints at: a V.A. hospital, The Big Cat Rescue, The Boys & Girls Club, Circus Arts Conservatory and Bayside Community Church.

The initial sparks of inspiration for Valthea: I Read People came from two of C.K.’s childhood memories. She grew up near Venice, Florida, the former winter home of Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus, and she loved listening to stories of the “intuitive” great-grandmother she never met. Thirty years later, C.K.’s story ideas rekindled after watching a performance of Circus Sarasota featuring the legendary and beautiful aerialist, Dolly Jacobs-Reis and the world-famous daredevil clown, Bello Nock, and other circus artists. She wrote Valthea: I Read People and  Thomasina: The Twin while interviewing performers, crew, and coaches.

C. K. relishes her time spent with the woodlands and beaches of her home city of Sarasota, Florida. She keeps her energy high and her mind inspired by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and listening to people’s stories. She considers herself blessed, knowing her books come into the homes and hands of so many women, men and children of all ages!