Series: The Daughters

Book 1, Valthea: I READ PEOPLE

Valthea Sarosi is a world-class, Romanian gymnast who sees visions of people’s past. The teen’s determination to find her birth parents, headline a circus, and experience true love, lead her to perform at festivals throughout her country with a Gypsy troupe, and Eastern Europe with a progressive circus. Sorin Dobra, the Gypsy troupe’s fire-juggler with med-school ambition, falls in love with Valthea. Childhood abandonment bonds the fair-haired Sorin, adopted by the Gypsies, and Valthea, adopted by a kind, elderly woman. In Valthea’s rise to stardom, she encounters jealousy, obsession, and bullying. But her greatest challenge comes when her loved-ones lives are threatened. Will Valthea access her paranormal prowess or be forced to rely solely on heart and wit?


Book 2, Thomasina: THE TWIN

(Warning: Spoiler Alert for Book 1!)

What could possibly disrupt Valthea and Sorin’s wedding, their move from Romania to Florida, or her new circus contract? Relatives. The Adamescu family secrets continue to grow. A young woman named, Thomasina Stratham shows up at Valthea and Sorin’s new home in Sarasota, Florida. The nineteen-year-old, British fashionista claims to be Valthea’s long-lost fraternal twin. Thrilled to have a sister, Valthea welcomes her into her home and her life. Sorin supports his bride’s decision but remains suspicious. Thomasina charms Valthea with her aura-reading acumen and slathers her with plenty of attention. Meanwhile, someone spins masterful lies, poisoning Valthea’s career, relationships, and reputation. Valthea is distraught. Her intuitive visions cease. Her sister’s moods deplete her. She prays her mother’s journals provide answers to family secrets and insight into her sister’s erratic behavior. Until she receives the journals, Valthea heeds the advice of her world-famous co-performer, comic daredevil—Romeo Bach. The show must go on. She must fight back. She must fly higher. Valthea focuses on the circus act she’ll soon perform for the first time ever. The Roman Rings. Thirty-two-feet up in the air. No net.


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