Valthea Sarosi is a world-class, Romanian gymnast who sees visions of people’s past. The teen’s determination to find her birth parents, headline a circus, and experience true love, lead her to perform at festivals throughout her country with a Gypsy troupe, and Eastern Europe with a progressive circus.
Sorin Dobra, the Gypsy troupe’s fire-juggler with med-school ambition, falls in love with Valthea. Childhood abandonment bonds the fair-haired Sorin, adopted by the Gypsies, and Valthea, adopted by a kind, elderly woman.

In Valthea’s rise to stardom, she encounters jealousy, obsession, and bullying. But her greatest challenge comes when her loved-ones lives are threatened. Will Valthea access her paranormal prowess or be forced to rely solely on heart and wit?







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