Out-of-the-Box Book Signing Success!

Authors: I highly recommend throwing a book signing/social at your favorite eating establishment. The staff at Acropolis Greek Taverna went above and beyond. To use my ’80’s voice, We had a blast!

Sandwiched between two amazing & supportive New Yorkers, Patricia & Jeff! XOXOXO

Yes, businesswomen like Kim read young adult books. It’s their dessert-read.  Well, that and a piece of baklava!

Opa! Sexy men read books.

Roses and Reading for Valentine’s Day!

Gift a Rose and a Book!

I was thirty-one. No boyfriend. It was Valentine’s Day. Working as a makeup artist at the time, I was scheduled to do five Valentine-makeovers that afternoon. I laid out my brushes in preparation. Out of nowhere, a delivery man walked up and handed me a vase of exquisite roses. What? I read the card. My father had sent them. I’ll never forget that moment and that feeling. Humbled. Grateful. Loved. Who can we reach out to this Valentine’s Day? How many can we encourage and reassure, that they are appreciated and loved? You don’t have to send my book. A heartfelt note-card lasts a long time, too!